Elements OF Birth Media

Elements Of Birth has a worldwide audience of mothers and midwives. Our ethos is that birth really matters and we advocate that mothers everywhere should have access to the best knowledge and tools available no matter where you are located.

Our founder is Jutta Wohlrab and she is an international midwife, coach and trainer. She has been a midwife since 1986, and has worked internationally at various hospitals, birth centres and independent practices. Jutta combines medical knowledge with a holistic approach to midwifery, using her wide range of experience to help women achieve the healthy pregnancy and birth they want.

Jutta says: “I believe we are reaching a global birthing crisis. We have reached the highest rate of C-sections and interventions at birth than ever before, and many women and their partners are fearful about an experience that is supposed to be one of the happiest of their lives. By bringing my three step system online, I aim to give women confidence, knowledge and choice, and allow partners to understand the birth and how they can support their partners.”

Media Enquiries

We are currently based in Germany, Australia and the UK and we speak at various international conferences, seminars and events. We welcome any enquiries with regards to Jutta and the Elements OF Birth organisation and can conduct interviews via phone, skype or in person (depending on location).

Please email us at media@elementsofbirth.com for media enquiries.